Drum & Bass Player / Composer / Inspirer



" By separating these three angles, I can discover three totally different worlds that feed each other without speaking at each other."

Born, raised and residing in Stockholm, Sweden.

Started to play pots and pans as any child at the age of 3. He accompanied his parents records: Mozart, Bill Haley, Count Basie, Kenny Rogers and the Beatles.

One of his first own records was ”popcorn” with Hot Butter, which got him to build his first KIT (of pots, pans coconuts and a metal lid on a string as hihat.)

His mother had a piano he played around with. And at the age of 6 she got him to study classical piano for a teacher.

At the age of 9 he wanted to go back to the pans and pots but now… the real thing… drum set.

During the summer holidays he spent a lot of time with his grandpa, who played the trumpet and often brought André to rehearsals. He also saw Andrés interest in electric bass…. so he got him one.

The first 2 songs he learned on the bass was ”My Way” (Sid Vicious version) and ”Born to be alive” (Patric Hernandez).

Now the biggest influences was Frank Zappa, Bob Marley, Sweet, Mother’s Finest, George Duke & Earth,Wind & Fire.

After all this and some music schools, (including 1 semester at Berklee collage of music in Boston) he went on tours with many different popular Swedish artists. Even though the bread mostly came from the pop & rock scene with good selling artists like Eva Dahlgren, Mikael Rickfors and Anders Glenmark he never lost the contact with the Jazz & Fusion scene.

He had a band together with the saxophone player David Wilczevski (from Vital Information) called ”I don’t know Betty…but I think you can dance to it”. The name was an answer to the question - What kind of music do you play?

They both went on tour and recorded with the trombone virtuoso Eje Thelin.

Musical director Anders Neglin used André a lot in his TV orchestras, which often was playing when great international artists like Michael Bolton, Celin Dion, Lisa Stansfield, Paul Young, Hall & Oats were guests.

André has also often been the first call when beat or jazz music is combined with symphony orchestra. And worked with the conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen several times.

Since 1995 he has also been teaching at RML. (Music school of rock).

2005 André was the musical director and bandleader for the very famous streetdancecompany ”Bounce” in the show ”Bounce live”.

Between 1994-2004 André was a member of the Swedish traditional music group ”VÄSEN”.

In this band all the, creating pans and pot kits, came to a new level of combining sounds that would fit together with instruments like nyckelharpa (Swedish traditional keyed fiddle), viola and 12-stringed acoustic guitar.

That is still one of his biggest interests. Combining sounds from unexpected sources in complex rhythms.

One of his compositions (with wired rhythm…23/8 maybe danceable) Shapons Vindaloo, recorded on ”Världens Väsen” 1997, brought him together with the bandleader for Snarky Puppy, Michael League, in the spring of 2014.

That meeting resulted in new energi to return to the things that he really wanted to do.

Like his own band project ”FerraritmiCo”.

"Composing is a necessary purifying medicin for the mind and thoughts."

That medication results in, PolyKrungleJungle, FuChong, QuizzJazz, OutHouse and Krungl&Bass.